the short-ish origin story of Existing Everywhere

In 2016, I went to my first music festival and befriended a big group of artsy kids from LA. They invited me out to a few shows, and over the summer of 2017 I fell in love with one of those artists – stosu., aka Jacob.

Flash forward a few years to 2020, and we find ourselves cooped up in our expensive 2 bedroom LA apartment. The pandemic took a toll on our creativity, and I had to undergo a spinal surgery over the summer. We were bored, missed traveling and entertaining, and stressed about our way-over-pandemic-budget rent.

We took off to go camping for a week with the intention to unplug and realign with our goals. While we were on our trip, we noticed a lot of vans and RVs seemed to be living fulltime in their rigs… Something we had never been exposed to before! We were both immediately intrigued and couldn’t stop talking about it.

By the time the week was over, we had a few things figured out… We both needed to find a way to afford to be full time artists, and we were confident that we could do that on the road.

15 days later we bought our motorhome.

It was feasible, it made sense with our budget, and it felt undeniably right. We spent a few hours at a local dealership walking through all kinds of motorhomes and vans, trying to get a feel for the right size. Our confidence soared even higher, and I got to work on Craigslist, slowing making my way through California and the neighboring state’s motorhome listings. It wasn’t until I searched Phoenix, AZ when I came across her – The Old Queen. We facetimed the owners, set up an RV inspection and drove out the next day. The inspector gave us the all clear, we bought her in cash, and headed back to LA! 

Since then, life has been an incredible whirlwind. We spent 6 months fixing her up mechanically and aesthetically while we slowly sold off our belongings and downsized from 1000 sq ft to under 300 sq ft. We’ve learned countless lessons and so much more about ourselves and our relationships. Most importantly, we’ve given ourselves the space and time to fully experience life and delve into the creative process without fear.

Existing Everywhere is a bold denial of the societal standard that happiness comes from staying in one place. We’re so often told that a stable job, nice car, and big house full of fancy gadgets will bring us fulfillment. To work hard and sacrifice many aspects of our wellbeing, often for someone else’s benefit, if we want to achieve success.

But what even is success to begin with? The accomplishment of a goal or purpose. Is your life’s goal dependent on a 50 hour work week? Or have you just had so much bullshit shoved in your face, time and resources taken from you, that you’ve lost sight of the path you were destined for? When each day revolves around commuting and work and errands and squeezing in self care, there isn’t even emotional capacity to process where you are or where you’re headed. It’s a cycle that benefits very few and tears down every other last one of us. 

Not everyone wants to live on the road. Some people enjoy the lives they lead staying in one place. But for us, leaving the comfort zone, and learning to find serenity and confidence in the chaos, has been the ultimate healing/inspirational/creative/insightful/eye-opening adventure. The rent-free accommodations and gorgeous “backyards” aren’t too bad either.

I hope by sharing this journey we inspire you to live unapologetically aligned with your truth and honor your heart’s purpose… regardless of where that takes you. 

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